Three for Thursday, Casual Jogging

January 07, 2016

Three for Thursday, Casual Jogging

Hey friends! Before we introduce our newest blog series for January, can we just talk about how it's 2016 already!! Holy cow. Where does the time go? We are so excited to be entering our second year in business when March rolls around {before we know it} and already have some wonderful first birthday plans in the works! So get excited and make sure you follow along until then so you are sure to get all the details as we get closer.

Now, on to our first January feature...Three for Thursday! In this series we will choose one Sweetest Stitch item to style three different ways. As you can see, we picked an excellent first choice with the Jogging Right Pants. Everybody loves a good pair of joggers, right? We sure do! There's just always the question of how to wear them. They look like sweatpants, they feel like sweatpants, they are sweatpants. But the best news you've heard all day has just arrived! You can literally style joggers however you like!

Our first look featuring the Jogging Right Pants is a casual look, as you would imagine. We love how you can effortlessly create this look by throwing on a simple top and slip-ons, and just to give it something extra, we added one of our popular Blanket Scarves

To get this scarf look, fold your scarf diagonally in half to make a triangle. Take two ends of the scarf and wrap from one side to the other around the back of your neck to bring the ends back to the front. Tuck the ends under the bulk of the scarf and tie them together. You can play with the scarf to create different looks from here. We tugged one side over the shoulder to create a simple wrap.We hope you enjoyed this look! You're going to want to keep up with us, as we will be posting 2 more looks featuring the Jogging Right Pants later today. We will also be hosting a Giveaway to win this pair of Jogging Right Pants from Sweetest Stitch after our third post is complete. 

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