Three for Thursday, Quilted Classic

January 14, 2016

Three for Thursday, Quilted Classic

We are moving on to look two in our Three for Thursday blog post! If you missed our first casual look, you can see it here. Otherwise, we'll get back to styling our perfect Quilted Delight Skirt. Since we haven't yet, let's start by basking in the glory that is this skirt. As if the gray quilted sewn skirt wasn't enough on its own, let's throw in a unique full length front zipper detail to this gem! But wait, don't stop there, add in those luxurious pockets we all dream of and try to tell me you don't love it! Sorry, we don't mean to get carried away but just check it out for yourself...For this classic look, we've paired the cute mini with a darling little Bowed Up Top we happen to love. This rose colored beauty is a perfect match to the light gray quilted design of the skirt. Adding some simple neutral heels completes this look that is certainly hard to miss out on!We hope you enjoyed this classic style look featuring the Quilted Delight Skirt and Bowed Up Top in Rose. We think the front detail on the skirt and the back detail on the top gives people enough reason to oooh and aaah from every angle ;) What do you think?

We have one more look coming later today, so stay tuned! xoxo

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