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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Wedding Guest Dress

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Wedding season is honestly never ending, which means that you need to either have a good selection of wedding guest dresses on hand, or be seriously thinking about where to buy your next event dress. We've rounded up our favorite dresses under $100 and some key things to consider, so you can shop confidently.

The Right Fit.

If you're not sure what style dress to buy, take these tips into consideration. First, make sure you're buying the right style for your body type. If you're petite, look for dresses with a cinched waist to give the illusion of length. If you're curvy, try something that skims your body instead of clingy fabric or anything with embellishments. And if you're tall and thin, go for A-line styles that will make it seem like your legs are never ending.

We recommend the Smooth Classic Midi Dress for a cocktail attire wedding.

Color & Pattern.

You should also consider the color and pattern of the dress. Black dresses are classic, but you can also find beautiful floral patterns. If the wedding is formal, opt for a solid color dress. If the wedding is cocktail or casual attire, you can go either way with pattern or solid color styles.

We recommend the Dreamland Daze Midi Dress for a cocktail attire wedding. 

Women's Cocktail Dress for Wedding Guest - Sweetest Stitch Online BoutiquePink Floral Cocktail Wedding Guest Dress - Sweetest Stitch Online Boutique


Fabric & Lining.

The fabric and lining of a dress will determine how well it fits and feels. Look for a dress made of silk or satin, as these fabrics are breathable and comfortable. Choose a dress with a lining that is not too thick, so it won't make you feel constricted when wearing it. Also consider the time of year that you will be wearing the dress.

We recommend the Make You Mine Maxi Dress for formal or cocktail attire weddings. 



Generally, longer is better when it comes to wedding guest dress length. A midi or maxi length cocktail dress is an appropriate length for a wedding guest dress. However, if you are petite, mini dresses tend to fit better and can be worn if the style is appropriate for the attire.

We recommend the Upper East Side Mini Dress for cocktail or casual attire weddings.


Jewelry & Accessories.

While there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to accessories, here are some things to keep in mind as you shop for wedding guest dress accessories. First, choose something that complements your dress. Second, make sure that the accessory will last throughout the day, meaning you don't want to tear it off and never wear it again. Third, avoid anything too flashy, after all this is not your special day. Fourth, consider pieces that you will wear again and again to make the investment (big or small) worthwhile.

We recommend simple gold jewelry like the With You Necklace and statement bags like the String Purse.


Finally, don't forget to check out our full selection of wedding guest dressesaccessories and jewelry available at Sweetest Stitch!