Posted on by Megan Wilson

modelYou wouldn't guess it, but this blonde beauty used to love Lil Jon in High School. She says she was born with a passion for fashion, making her perfect for our Sweetest Stitch family. 

She's got wedding bells in the future. Her fiance proposed to her at Disney World! Keep reading to see the sweet thing she recently did for him. Shasta is also a kind of beauty guru. She has a thing or two to stay about baking soda...

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley called Waynesboro. I loved living in the mountains, everywhere you turn it's just beautiful all year around. However, growing up there was very boring for a teen. 


When did you first fall in love with fashion? Was it a gift you received? 
I have always been in love with fashion and modeling. When I was younger, I would lay out blankets on the floor as my cat walk and model crazy outfits for my family. I think I was just born with it. I have always loved shopping. I died to wear high heels since I was old enough to know what they were. I wouldn't let my mom buy me skirts unless they would flow and spin with me. 


What is your favorite clothing item you own?
Currently, I'm  obsessed with jumpsuits. Have you seen this one from Sweetest Stitch?


What is your favorite Sweetest Stitch item on the site? 


What is your favorite sweet treat?
ALL candy! Not much of a chocolate person but love all the candies like Skittles, Chewy Sprees, Chewy Sweet Tarts and Sour Patch Kids! 


What is the sweetest thing you have ever seen? 
My cutie finance proposing to me at Disney World! 


What was the last sweet gesture you did for someone else?
Left a surprise sweet note for my fiance, Andrew, recently. I also wrote a nice uplifting note for my all my co-workers at work durning a stressful time as a surprise one morning. I wanted to thank them for their hard work and let them know how appreciated they were. 


The Energy Bus BookWhat was the last great book or article you read?The Energy Bus and The Happiness Advantage. I love positive readings, how to better your life with positivity and being happy. 


What is your favorite beauty secret?Baking soda!! It's great for exfoliating your face and you can leave it on as a mask for 15-20 or longer and it helps to brighten your complexion and it truly works wonders!!! The stuff really cleans out your pores and makes your skin feel and look great! 
Where do you want to be in 10 years?


Living somewhere fun like Miami, LA or wherever life may take me and my fiancé. I want to travel the world, see fun things and meet awesome people along the way. I will get married (next year) and have babies at some point, but having fun and seeing the world with my love will come first.