Five Tips for Better Photos

April 28, 2016

Five Tips for Better Photos

Now that you have some killer spring fashions to show off at Mother’s Day brunches, weddings, and winery tours, we thought we’d share some insider tips for taking great photos. From posture to timing, here are the five ways to take a photo you’ll want to frame.

The Golden Hour

The first and last hour of light during the day is where you’ll get your photo gold. The light is soft and warm. It will let your colors shine, but also soften the shadows and edges of your face and body.  Get ready to be flattered.

sunset photo


Use your tongue

This is one of weirdest tricks out there: press your tongue on the roof of your mouth while you smile. This is an effective way to avoid any kind of double chin. Flexing this muscle will elongate your neck and your jawline. Take THAT, 30.

pose for photo

Angle your face

Avoid direct head-on shots. Without the help of shadows, your face can look wider or even discolored. To put shadows to work, stand just barely sideways and tilt your chin a little upward or slightly downward. Position your eyes to look at something just above your natural line of sight.

angle face for photos

Cross your ankles

Take this one from the blogger notebook of tricks: if you’re going for a full head-to-toe shot, cross your legs, starting at the calf. This will make your hips look narrower and your legs look longer. It’s also a very natural pose. It looks casual and unplanned.

good pose for photos

Pose the Hair

Sometimes the hair can be an afterthought in photos. But a few days later, when you look at your photos and realize you don’t like them and you aren’t sure why. It’s probably your hair. Hair on top of the shoulders should be avoided. Here are four ways to style your hair for the camera:

-All behind the shoulders.

-All over the shoulders to one side.

-Hair all in front of the shoulders.

-Hair up, preferably to the side, or tilt your head to the side so show off what’s in the back.

hair over shoulder

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