Posted on by Megan Wilson

Wedding season is here! How many are on your calendar? It can be fun, intimidating and exhausting getting ready for each wedding. There are lots of photos, old friends and family to impress, and you still want to stay comfortable. Staying inspired and creative can be tricky, especially while watching the bank.

Here are a few rules and fun tips for wedding season #ootd wins:

Don't Wear White

Some of you sweeties reading this might say, "duh!" But it never fails that someone at wedding wears white. You can trust that we all notice. Guests should not wear white because that's the bride's honor for the day. Let her stand out. You can stand out in your own way by choosing a rich color that compliments skin color, eye color, and hair color. We love this dress and think it's perfect for wedding season!

teal dress

Bring a Layer

Weddings turn from day to night very quickly. The temperature drops during the reception. Even though you might have some liquid heat burning by this time, you'll be the smart one if you have the forethought to bring a  shawl or light jacket. It can make all the difference when you're deep in conversation with your best friend underneath the stars. Shop outerwear.

blue jacket

Consider a Jumpsuit

If you really want to wow friends and family, try a jump suit! You'll look chic, sophisticated, and laid back. You'll be so comfortable, too! Make sure to dress it up with a statement necklace, clutch or bracelet. Rock a pair of nude heels to keep your legs elongated. Shop this jumpsuit here.



You don't have time or money to go out and buy a new dress for every wedding. Maximize what you have in your closet by switching up accessories like jackets, shawls, necklaces, and shoes. Add a scarf like this one to a teal dress and swap it out next time for a pink scarf. Wear a short statement necklace with your jump suit for one wedding and then rock a classic pendant necklace for another. 

statement necklace

What are your wedding #ootd rules, tips, and tricks?!