Meet the Blogger: Megan of Sweet Sauce Blog

June 08, 2016

Meet the Blogger: Megan of Sweet Sauce Blog

sweet sauce blogThere's something in a name like Sweet Sauce that we like... We can't quite put our finger on it...

Megan Wilson of Sweet Sauce Blog has been working with Sweetest Stitch since we started our business in 2015. We first met Megan at RVA Fashion Week. The Richmond-based blogger embraces punchy patterns and loves connecting with anyone who's willing to stop and smell the coffee. 

Let's get to know what makes Megan Sweet: 

1. When did you first fall in love with fashion?

I think I first understood I could use fashion as a form of self expression when I was about 8 or 9. After we grew out of mom putting us in matching outfits all the time, my older sister would wear the wildest things to school. This was back in the day of JNCO Jeans and graphic t-shirts (Hello, 90s!). She would decorate her jeans with sharpies and patches and wear wild color combinations. We lost her before she finished 9th grade. I acquired a lot of her clothes and wore them down (Along with all her Bush and Hole CDs). Ever since, I've always treated fashion like a form of art. We're here for a short time, and you might as well wear your heart on your sleeve and mind is full of color.

2. When/Why did you first decide to start a blog?
I am a creative spirit at heart. I have a degree in Journalism and Studio Art. I had put those skills to use a variety of ways after college from writing for Style Weekly to raising money for major nonprofits. I was stuck in a rut a couple years ago and needed a creative outlet. The rule was that whatever I did had to be totally fun and stress free. My friends had always come to me for fashion advice. I figured I had something there. Over time, I created my initial concept for Sweet Sauce as a tool for everyday people to get inspired and learn how to put together a great outfit. I speckle in fun stories to feed the writer in me.

3. What is your favorite part of blogging?
Definitely getting to know all of the business owners I work with. It is such a privilege to learn and appreciate other people who have a vision of their own. It is incredibly rewarding when I can be a part of bringing that to life and helping them tell their story visually and in writing.
Getting my boyfriend involved as a photographer has also been fun. He has grown a passion for getting just the right shot over time and it shows. It's exciting to create and grow together. 
4. What draws you to the Sweetest Stitch brand?
The first thing I noticed about Sweetest Stitch were the high quality fabrics. I have left stores like Forever 21 behind for the most part. I don't want a see through t-shirt that will start to loose its shape after a few washes any more. I can get affordable threads at Sweetest Stitch that are on trend but also have the staying power of classics. 
5. What are five summer essentials everyone needs?
A great leather backpack for day tripping and traveling. "Look, Mah! No Hands!"
A long, neutral tassel necklace to pull together any casual outfit. 
A great watch--stop looking at your phone all the time!
A romper (or five) that you can wear day-to-night. 
A jean jacket that will go with everything!
grace atwood
6.  Who are your favorite fashion bloggers to follow?
I take a lot of notes from Grace at The Stripe and Amanda from Advice from a Twenty Something. They both blog about ALOT more than fashion, but still have a lot of new takes on how to turn classic pieces into something new. 
7. What is your favorite Sweetest Stitch item on the site?
TOO MANY! I am wearing this Tied Up Top in my latest blog post. I just saw this new coral dress listed.  I think it would be flattering on any body type and skin tone. I think I might even love to rock it with my new hair!
8. What is your favorite sweet treat?
Chocolate. All of the chocolate. Also, macaroons from Whisk. I recently tried macaroons in three states. NONE were anywhere close. 
See Megan's latest blog post featuring Sweetest Stitch here. You can also check out a few other looks featuring Sweetest Stitch here, here, here, here, and here

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