Posted on by Nicole Kong

The freedom to wear whatever we want is definitely one of the greatest tools for self-expression. With this freedom {which shall never be taken for granted}, I choose to be stylish. So, what is stylish anyway?

The dictionary defines stylish as “characterized by or conforming to style or the fashionable standard; fashionably elegant; smart or chic.” Seems to me this is exactly why I entered this business to begin with. But lately, I’ve been focusing on how I can use opportunities I have as a woman, mother, and now business-owner to show others kindness, whether they fall in those same categories or not. Because if I had the choice, I’d want to be labeled one way: Sweet. After all, being sweet is always stylish.sweetest stitch shirtThe story behind the “Ask Me Why I’m So Sweet” t-shirt is a short one. When I started Sweetest Stitch, I wanted to involve a community of women who were super excited about my brand and sharing it with others. Thus began the Sweetie Brand Rep Program. The shirts were a way to get more people asking questions and hopefully sharing in the excitement. But, let’s get to the point of the story…

A few weeks ago, while chatting it up as women usually do, an idea was born for a blogger campaign representing Sweetest Stitch clothing. Enter Friends theme song, enter fountain, enter couch, enter yassssss! We’d shoot a reenactment of the opening credits of Friends {credit to Megan of Sweet Sauce Blog for the idea}. After pondering the shoot and dreaming of what it would be like, another thought came to mind. Since she and I are all about the sweetness, we’d have everyone share what it means to them to be sweet.sweetest stitch videoAlthough you won’t spot me on the video, I couldn’t resist joining in the fun from behind the camera. So if you asked me, “Why are you so sweet?” I’d most definitely say… "I’m sweet because it’s reciprocated. I’m sweet because it’s infectious. To me, being sweet means thinking of others and helping to brighten their day, whether they are a friend or a stranger."

We could all use a little more kindness in our lives, so I challenge you to be more mindful of your actions with others, whether you know the person or not. I challenge you to throw someone a smile because you never know, they may truly need it, or better yet, they may throw one back. If you’re up for the challenge, join our cause by tagging Sweetest Stitch on social media, using the hashtag #spreadthesweet, and tell us why you’re so sweet!

Oh, and don't miss our fun and fabulous video featuring some of our favorite RVA bloggers, Sweet Sauce Blog, Fizz and Frosting, According to Blaire, I Heart Vegetables, Truly Yours, A, and My Closet and Hers down below. We hope you enjoy!