Posted on by Megan Wilson

When the flowers start blooming and rain showers are frequently in the forecast, it means more than just spring. It's baseball season! Maybe you're a die hard Richmond Flying Squirrels fan or maybe you head to the ballpark to support your favorite little softball or baseball player. 

Whether you're arriving to Yankees Stadium or to the local park to throw the ball around, make sure you've got the basics covered. We have new baseball shirts in store that are made for a day outside. We've imagined two outfits to help inspire you...

baseball t-shirt

Cap it Off

Sometimes jeans and a t-shirt is all you need. Our long-sleeved baseball tee is soft and classically stylish. Grab a pair of hip-hugging skinny jeans to show off your feminine shape in this otherwise tomboy-inspired look. Wear sneakers or a bootie for comfort. Take the look up a notch by wearing a red lipstick. Ladies can play ball, too!

casual outfit

Show Some Leg

Just because you're wearing a long-sleeved shirt doesn't mean you can't show some legs! Pair our baseball tee with classic jean shorts. If you want to dress it up a bit, we recommend a nude wedge. They are still casual, but help elongate your legs for a truly natural, but sexy look. Throw on a matching straw hat, and you've got a complete look! Style your shirt even more by cuffing the sleeves and tucking in the front of the shirt. 


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