Five Essentials to Upgrade your Wardrobe Now

Life changes. So do we. That means our clothes get worn out, our style gets outdated, or we let some habits go on too long. Everyone deserves a wardrobe revamp from time to time. Jess agrees. 

This lovely lady works in a doctor's office day in and day out. She doesn't get to show off her favorite clothes at work all that much. Because of that, it had been a while since she pampered herself and her closet. When she turned 30, she decided it was time for an upgrade. 

Off to Sweetest Stitch she went! She invested wisely in key pieces that would make her old pieces fit in well with her new wardrobe and also help her older pieces shine brighter. The photos here capture her new additions. 

Here are five pieces anyone should make sure they have when it's time to give your closet a makeover:

1. A go-to dress: Jess immediately swooned over the colors and pattern of this dress. It brought out her eyes and skin tone immediately. She will style this multiple ways from day to night. Which dress can you see yourself wearing again and again? Shop dresses here. 

2. A neutral vest: Vests are the perfect way to layer when the weather is unpredictable like it is in Virginia. Stick to neutral colors so you can easily layer them over anything. We have lots of options at Sweetest Stitch! Shop outerwear now.

3. The perfect denim: Jess said she didn't have enough jeans that made her feel good. When she slipped these on, it was go time! She immediately imagined the possibilities for casual looks she could create with the perfect pair of jeans. Shop her jeans here. 

4. Comfortable booties: Booties have yet to go out of style. They are good for all seasons and outfits. Invest in a pair you can truly wear from day to night. We have booties available in store and online. Shop shoes now. 

5. Something that makes you smile: Jess took a visit to the sale rack in the store. This easy-to-wear cardigan caught her eye. The bright yellow made her light up, yet the complimentary gray made the sweater easy to pair with other neutrals. Visit the sale section to find a piece you may not normally wear. 

Thank you for the gorgeous photos, Amber Kay Photography!



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