Posted on by Niki Kong

Hey RVA! Come hang with us!

The Tuckahoe Shopping Center is a bustling place, especially this time of year. There’s no shortage of local businesses to get all your errands done and there’s no better time than summer to slow it all down and enjoy the moments that make life so special. So come have a seat and soak it all in!

Sweetest Stitch Boutique

We recently added a new seating area in front of the shop and just wanted to take a moment to welcome our friends and neighbors at the shopping center to enjoy it! So when that summer heat kicks in and you’re getting all the iced coffee from ShoreDog Cafe, join us at the table. When parties and small gatherings with friends have you grabbing a bottle of wine from Puck’s Market, or you just finished a killer workout at Zinger Fit, grab a seat and relax for a while! We can’t wait to see you outside and in! 

Sweetest Stitch Boutique

Here’s to a sweet summer in RVA!