Hot Summer Hair Styles

Even if you don't live in the south, you're likely feeling the summer stress on your hair and your style. Keeping it down isn't always an option and when you do, it makes your temperature rise. Don't give up and assume bad hair days are the norm.

Try out one of these styles to stay cool:

Double Buns

double bun hair

This funky hair style is making a comeback from the 90s. You can wear them high or low to keep your hair out of the humidity and off your neck. Rock them with our funky Coffee Dress

Braid Back

braid hair style

Feeling bohemian? Rockin your new tie-dye? Keep those baby hairs out of your face. Build two braids starting at each temple and combine them into one braid to fall down the back. 

Get Twisted

twisted bun

This should only take 10 minutes and a few bobby pins to pull off. The twisted bun look will be your friend for any more formal occasion. Wear this with our Crazy about Coral Dress--the twist will match with the beautiful details of this wedding-guest-ready piece.




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