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"I knew I wanted to wear something special for photos for our announcement/gender reveal. I stopped by one of my favorite boutiques in Richmond, Sweetest Stitch, in search of the perfect pink dress..."

We were so excited to welcome Elizabeth, the beauty behind the new The Northern Southern blog. Elizabeth covers everything from fashion to home decor to mommy hood. Her fun, fresh outfits keep us inspired and excited for new trends as well as classic ones. She just announced her second pregnancy with an adorable gender reveal shoot in our Blush Ruffle Shirt Dress. Can you guess the gender? 

We wanted to get to know Elizabeth better and we hope you do, too! Let's dive in...



When did you first fall in love with fashion?

I started loving fashion back when I was in college. In high school, I was a total tomboy and didn't dress up very much. I played a lot of sports and wore a lot of gym shorts. When I went to college, there were so many fashions that I hadn't seen before, I started liking a lot of different things. Most of my college girlfriends were super into clothes and shopping and taught me a ton about the industry.


When/Why did you first decide to start a blog?

I started thinking about creating my blog back when I was pregnant with my son Harrison in 2015. I started following a lot of bloggers then and I was so inspired by their work. I felt like it was something that I could put my own creative twist on.

 What is your favorite part of blogging?

I love writing and sharing/documenting my style and my life. Photos are just photos until they are put to words and then they tell a story. I have loved blogging about my home because it has helped me remember why I chose all the pieces and colors that we chose back when we built it almost 2 years ago.

 What draws you to the Sweetest Stitch brand?

Sweetest Stitch is such a great store! There are so many cute and trendy options to choose from, and you really feel like it's a personalized shopping experience. I love that you can walk in and grab and outfit for date night, or something for a special occasion. They have pieces that work for so many different occasions.


What are five maternity essentials everyone needs?

-For the early stages of pregnancy (I would say up to 20-22 weeks) the belly band is the best for allowing you to wear your regular jeans as long as possible! It really helps support your bump, too!

-Bio oil- this helps reduce stretch marks and keeps your skin soft during the later part of pregnancy. I started using it around 15 weeks with my son and around the same time frame with this baby. So far, I've never had a stretch mark!

-The snoogle pregnancy pillow is amazing! I slept like a champ all the way up to delivery with my son. It helps position you and keep you comfy on your side during pregnancy.

-A good pair of maternity jeans. My favorite are the same AG legging jeans that I wear when I'm not pregnant. They are so comfy! They are expensive, but you'll only need one pair!

-These maternity t-shirts are the best and so comfy! I don't love maternity clothes, but you do need to have the staple items, especially at the end when you're bump is growing rapidly!

 Who are your favorite mommy fashion bloggers to follow?

I adore rach parcell- she is my favorite blogger for both fashion and kids fashion. I also love liz Adams. Her son charlie is only a week older than my son, Harrison, so it's fun to see what he's up to! She's also super funny about motherhood in general and keeps things light!

criss cross dream dress

What is your favorite Sweetest Stitch item on the site? 

I love this dress because it can be transitioned really easily into fall. It would be great for work, date night or drinks with girlfriends!

What was the last sweetest thing you did for someone else?

One of my girlfriends just had twin girls. I know how overwhelming those first few weeks at home can be with a new baby (babies in her case) so I wanted to make sure they were well fed. I set up a meal train for about 15 other girls to pitch in and bring her and her husband dinner each night so they didn't have to worry about being well fed!

How do you think your style will change throughout your pregnancy?

I will probably wear a lot more dresses since they tend to be the most comfortable. You'll probably also see me in a lot of cardigans with basic tees underneath since with cardigans, they don't need to be maternity!

 How do you hope your children will think about fashion?

I hope they want to buy things they love and not just what is on trend. I hope to teach them that if they love it, it will never go out of style! I also want them to know the importance of forever pieces... that while they may be expensive, they should be something that you'll keep forever and hand down!

Check out Elizabeth's gender reveal blog post here.