Meet the Blogger: Jordan of Petite Modern

June 18, 2016

Meet the Blogger: Jordan of Petite Modern

This RVA fashion blogger is a designer by day, bringing life to airports and other industrial buildings. Jordan's sense of style is classic and timeless. Don't be fooled by all the black and white! Jordan's spirit is colorful and vivacious. We're lucky to have her in Richmond, keeping us inspired and forward-thinking. Stay tuned for a Sweetest Stitch collaboration with her soon!

Now, let's get to know the woman behind Petite Modern Blog

jordanWhen did you first fall in love with fashion?
I think that I have always loved design in general. Being an interior designer, styling patterns and textures and bringing elements together has always been an exciting aspect of my job, so transitioning that into my wardrobe is just as easy!

When/Why did you first decide to start a blog?
I have almost always had a blog. As long as I could remember, I was projecting my thoughts out into the world-wide-web, so transitioning that into a visual blog in college to document my projects made sense. After graduating, I really missed writing and communicating with people beyond my personal network, so petiteMODERN became a real thing! I love it!

What is your favorite part of blogging?
It has to be meeting people! We are no longer limited by where we live, because there are other creatives, designers, resources, hustle- preneurs out there who are there who have your back! It’s so incredible to see how big your social network truly is because of this platform, and its exciting to get to share your loves, your passions, and your deepest thoughts with people who look to you as an influencer, or think of you as a BFF (or an IRL BFF)!

What draws you to the Sweetest Stitch brand?
I love the diversity of the pieces! There is also a simplicity to the pieces that make them almost a fresh canvas for consumers to style their own way. By adding a personal touch, these already amazing pieces can really bring a whole look together!

What are five spring essentials everyone needs?
-Rompers are everywhere, so that was one of the first pieces I invested in this spring.
-I also love a great pair of white pants or shorts. They are such a great piece that cools down any top and works for day or night.
-Another essential would be a simple pastel cocktail dress. Something you can wear out to a happy hour, or jazz up for your best friend’s wedding. 
-Strappy sandals are a MUST for spring, especially as we begin the transition into summer. With shorts, they play a more casual role. Rock them with a chic pair of denim or sophisticated trousers to take them to the office!


kendi every day

Who are your favorite fashion bloggers to follow?
I find that most of the time, I look to Pinterest and Tumblr for most of my style inspiration. Because style is always evolving, I have found that following any one specific path narrows my field of inspiration. So by looking to what some of my favorite style icons are pinning, sharing, styling, I find the pieces that work for me as well.

I love Miroslava Duma, a Russian Fashionista, because all of her pieces are so founded in art and culture. She almost always looks like she is walking right out of a Brooklyn fashion show. I of course Love Olivia Polermo and Alexa Chung for their always classic looks, and have been following bloggers like Kendi Everyday since before her 30 for 30 style challenges (Think month long capsules!). The following she has gained, and her brick-and-mortar shop are such an inspiration for a petite style blogger like myself! Wishing I could take it to that level for petiteMODERN!

cut me loose dress

What is your favorite Sweetest Stitch item on the site?

For spring/summer I love the Cut Me Loose Dress, it’s a great blank canvas for work, an evening date, drinks with girlfriends or even a beach cover-up! Can’t go wrong with a pieces that work for any occasion!

What is your favorite sweet treat?

Oh goodness… I have been on a crazy health kick as of late, and while I don’t get to indulge in them as much as I would like, it would have to be an Acai Bowl! I had one recently with blueberries, bananas and peanut butter and it Rocked. My. World! But if we are being TRULY honest, it’s a strawberry Sugar Shack donut….

During the day, you're a designer. What do you do exactly and how does that impact your sense of style.

I tell people to think of my role as more of an Interior Architect. While I don’t exactly design how the outside of a building looks, I work with the Architects and other designers to create a space that really expresses company branding, their mission statements, and give their employees and customers an exciting experience from the moment they step through the door. When I am not designing offices, hospitals, and even airports, I am putting together fun looks for work and play.

Because I have such an understanding of design elements that need to withstand the test of time, looking just as modern today as they will in 5-10-15 years from now, I am all about basics and essentials. What are the pieces that are going to look as good today as they did 2 years ago, or will this still be a staple next year? I try and really think through how essential that piece is before adding it to my closet. I also like to think of my wardrobe as a curated collection, where every piece works together, and no two pieces are designed for just one specific style.

What was the last book you read that you think Sweetest Stitch readers would love?
I recently finished “Me before You” by Jojo Moyes, and while it was an absolute tearjerker, I have such a grand appreciation for living life to the absolute fullest, and not taking any moment for granted. I like to think that I love with my whole heart, and this book is so indicative of that “no-holding-back” feeling you get when you are fighting for someone!


Read more of Jordan's style, beauty tips, and more! 

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