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When you can't take a trip, take a walk through Richmond to have your imagination awakened. From wild creatures to beautiful landscapes, the street art that splashes the city's walls is inspiring our fall outfits. See the first feature in this series about murals in Richmond, VA here.  

This week, we're featuring a mural that makes us feel like we're swimming underwater. Painted by mural artist known as Naturel, you can find this fluid beauty at 11 S. Foushee Street.

blue jacket

The fluid movement of the Tied Right Dress reminds us of the rise and fall of the ocean in this mural. The shift dress is comfortable enough for casual days and fun enough to wear to just about anything. The versatility also allows you to go with the flow. You can dress up your neck with a long tie or a classic bow. Either way, you'll still get the little black dress appeal.


black dress

There might be no better match to this mural than the Flow With It Jacket. The bright blue fits in seamlessly with the waves. This vibrant layer will add dimension to any look. Keep it handy for cool fall days. Throw it over a black dress for the office. 


fashion mural

For an easy creative outfit upgrade, turn your favorite booties into thigh high boots! Here, we've paired an open-set of booties with tall black socks. You can hardly tell from a distance our beautiful model isn't wearing tall boots. We promise, this cozy style secret will keep you warm and fashion forward. 



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