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Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are the perfect way to show of your summer tan. This neckline also highlights the feminine details of your neck and collar bone. We are so glad the off-the-shoulder trend is still hot. We're getting new items in each week that feature this flattering boho neckline. 

One thing we don't like? Sometimes off-the-shoulder dresses, rompers, and blouses have a way of getting out of shape really quickly. A slight move can make the whole neckline pop over your shoulders. We've done some research and found the best tip on the internet to keep your off-the-shoulder looks in place...

OTS topWhat You'll Need:

Four Safety Pins

Two soft hair bands

How to Set Up the Hack

1. Open two safety pins. 

2. Put the hair band through each safety pin.

3. Close safety pin around hair band.

4. Repeat. There are should be two safety pins loosely hanging on each hair band. 

5. Find your off-the-shoulder item. 

6. Locate the place on the front of the right side of your top where the bottom of your armpit hits. A seam will help hide your safety pin. Pin one safety pin to that point.  

7. Do the same on the back right side of the clothing item. Stretch the hair band and pin the same point on the back. Secure at a seam. 

8. Repeat on left side.

How to Put it On

You'll want to have the hair bands under your arm pits. You can pull your shirt or dress on from the bottom if the neckline is elastic. If the necklace isn't flexible or your off-the-shoulder item is a romper, then simply unhook the front safety pin on each side. Put the item on like you would usually. Run the hair band under the armpit from the back. Pin in the same spot or seam in the front.

When you lift up your arms, the top should stay right where you like!

We love this one-minute tutorial from Refinery 29.

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You just need four medium size safety pins and two hair ties for this quick fix.