Tips for Organizing Your Closet + Storing Clothes for Fall

August 29, 2017

Tips for Organizing Your Closet + Storing Clothes for Fall

Sweaters, boots, skinny jeans, scarves, oh my! We're filling up our closets with fall styles. As you make room for your cold weather wears, show some love to your spring and summer clothes so they're ready for you next year when the days get longer and warmer. 

Keep reading for tips to store your summer duds so your fall favorites can shine. 

fall clothing storage

Out with the Old

This might be the hardest part. Now is the time to pull out everything you didn't wear this past season. That floral tank might be gorgeous and make you smile, but if you don't wear it, is it doing anyone any good? Cull through your collection of spring and summer fashions and ask yourself a few questions: Does it look good on me? Did I wear it more than once during the past three months? Is it in good condition? If the answer is "no" to any of these, put them in the "consign" or "donate" pile. 

Wash The Rest

Now that you've removed anything you don't need to worry about storing, evaluate the rest. Take delicate items to the dry cleaners and carefully wash what is left. This will ensure that none of the smells or stains trapped on the clothes carry on to next season and possibly never go away. When you reach for them next spring, you'll be greeted by fresh, clean, ready-to-wear pieces. 

Clean your closet (literally)

Now, your closet is clear of all those clothes you're donating, selling, or storing. This is the perfect opportunity to clean your closet. How often do you take a vacuum to the floor in your closet? Probably not much! Get those shoes and bags out of the way and break a little sweat. Vacuum and dust every nook and cranny. This keeps your whole closet (and therefore your clothes) smelling fresh and prevents your clothes from being damaged by dust and other things floating around in there. 

Make Sure They Can Breathe

Where are you storing your spring and summer clothes? We hope it's not in the basement or crammed into some sealed plastic bag. You want air to flow freely in and out of your garments to prevent any mold or mildew. Keep them away from moisture and extreme heat while they're in storage for the winter. We recommend investing in a small wardrobe that had drawers on one side for pants and shoes and room for hanging dresses and jackets on the other side. 

Invest in Hangers for New Clothes

Now you have a clean closet, your spring and summer clothes are tucked safely away, and it's time to create your fall and winter closet scape. Before you start filling your closet back up, we recommend investing in new hangers. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, having a standard color or style of hanger will help your clothes stand out more. There's nothing more distracting than rainbow colored hangers when you're trying to get dressed in the morning. Go with black, clear, or wooden hangers for the best results. Secondly, a good hanger will help your clothes keep their shape and hang properly. Your clothes will thank you for this investment!


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