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We are excited to be introducing you to the first post of our new Twenty-Something Series. We hope you enjoy this fun collection of inspiration and outfits for every occasion.

Mom called! She wants to do brunch. You can hear the "Hallelujah" chorus as your favorite "B" word parts your mother’s lips! Where will you go? What will you wear? Will she make you get up before the roosters or will she play it cool and schedule a noon feast? With all these questions, one thing is certain: now is your chance to show Mom how well you’ve adapted to adulting.

Many of us tend to be more conservative than usual when we know we’re heading out to meet Mom. When it comes to food, we are likely to order our brunch entrée from the healthier side of the menu and skip the booze. {Score 1 for adulting!} You don’t want her thinking every time you can’t make it to church you are out scarfing down waffles and polishing off bottles with the girls. {Mom- if you’re reading this I promise to Uber home.}

While slogan tees are a borderline necessity when brunching with friends, class it up for Mom so she knows you own real clothing. {More adulting points, yeah!} Here are a few outfit ideas for your mom/daughter brunch dates:

Peach Midi Dress

A midi dress is a classic choice. The coverage is plenty and the style is a perfect choice for inside or outside temps. Midi’s can easily be worn with neutral flats or wedges--both are Mom and morning-brunch appropriate. Depending on your trek from the car to the restaurant – be it cobblestone or a red carpet – you can make this decision and feel good about either choice. Shop the Look: Dress/Vest/Necklace/ Shoes

Navy Printed PantsAnother safe but chic choice for brunch with Mom is high-waisted pants. Come on, you’ll fit right in! Embrace the mom-jean look. Picking a printed pant that has a good neutral color base will allow you to pair it with almost any color top depending on your mood.

If mom wakes you up to remind you of your plans {darn, that’s 1 adulting point lost}, you might need a quick fix for your tired eyes. Forget the sunnies and reach for a bright top! White is always a safe choice. Shop the look: Shirt/ Pants.

With all the catching up on your work life, love life, and everything in between, we hope brunch with mom is rewarding and even cool enough to snap a few Insta-ready photos! You’re up at least 1 point in the game of life, so share your accomplishments, ladies! Use our brunch hashtags: #brunchingwithmom #sweetestbrunch

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