Posted on by Megan Wilson

There's nothing better than a crisp white pair of jean shorts, flares or skinny jeans. They somehow make every shirt or blouse pop. From floral patterns, to millennial pink, to a simple grey, white pants go with everything. Shop white pants here.
It can be tricky to keep these clean, though! From ketchup at the ballgame to a splash at the winery, things can go wrong really quickly when wearing your white pants. Here are a few quick clean-up tips for when you hear "woopsy" next time your rocking your white hot bottoms. 
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Ketchup and Mustard
Ball game hotdog your weakness? Us, too! There's nothing better on a summer evening than scarfing a hotdog guilt-free. What happens when your ketchup and mustard miss your mouth and land on your white jeans? No worries!
Scoop away as much of the condiment from the spot as possible. Then, head to the bathroom and run cold water over the stain. If you can, take off your pants and hold the backside of the stain directly under the faucet. This forces the particles out of the fabric.  
Once you get home, gently rub liquid detergent into the stain area. Then soak the garment in cool water for 10 minutes or more. Throw them in the wash, but leave them out to air dry. Heat from the dryer can set the stain and make it even harder to get out. Repeat this step if there is still sign of the hotdog fail. 
We don't blame you for wearing those white skinny jeans to the winery. You're sure to look and feel fresh in your outfit. If you can't resist the red wine, please indulge! If you and your friends get a little rowdy, have no fear. There is hope for your red wine stain. It's all about absorbing the stain right away. 
First, reach for the nearest towel. Apply pressure to the stain area. Keep blotting it until you can no longer remove any more wine from the stain area. Do not ever rub the area. This should remove most of the stain. 
If you can take off your white jeans, go ahead and do that as quickly as possible. Find another absorbent towel or paper towel and place it on the backside of your stain. Press the fabric into the towel. This will pull the wine out from the other side of the fabric. If you have access to white wine, this will help, too! Pour it over the stain to flush more of the red wine out. 
Once you get home, fill a container with enough vinegar, white wine, or club soda to soak the stained area, and let your jeans sit in it until the stain fades. Wash and dry like normal. Repeat the last step if there is still signs of the stain. 
Makeup might be one of the trickiest stains to get out of your white jeans. That's because it is usually oil-based. If you discover you've swiped your pants with lipstick, foundation, or eye shadow during your morning routine, there are a few ways you can save them. 
Firstly, scoop up or dab any of the product you can from the surface. Never rub the area or this stain will spread wide and become even more difficult to get out. Then, spray the stain with cold water. Make sure the whole area is wet. 
Find dish soap in your kitchen cabinet, preferably the kind that fights grease stains. Squeeze some of the dish soap over the stain area. Rub it into the effected area in a circular motion. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, but don't let it dry! After it sits, dab the area with a towel. Your goal is to soak up the dish soap with the towel and the makeup will come up with it. Once the area is completely dry, then run it under warm water to wash the rest of the dish soap and stain off. Wash and dry like usual. Repeat this step if it's not all gone. 
We hope your white pants outfit is chic and stain free!