Sweetest Stitch is a boutique located in Richmond, VA, featuring the sweetest collection of ladies' apparel, shoes, and accessories. We aim to serve sweet ladies and their on-the-go lifestyles with comfortable and trendy fashion. But where did this sweet story begin, you ask? Well, it’s sort of like a fairy tale. So perk up your sweet little ears (or should I say eyes) and I’ll share it with you…

A long, long time ago a girl was born into an amazingly sweet family that was more than uplifting and supportive in every way. As a child she never cared about frilly or girly clothes, she was more interested in getting a little messy while creating simple, sweet, and beautiful crafts and designs. As she got older, trends took over her teenage years and the hottest, sweetest clothes were all the girl could think about. For quite some time, “PLEASE Mom, it’s on SALE” could be overheard one weekend or another from every mall in the Greater Richmond area. Despite the now humorous mother/daughter disagreement over whether or not an article of clothing was necessary, she made her sweet way through high school and on to college.

She had always dreamt of a bright future surrounded by sweet friends and loved ones. She’d seen her father working successfully in business, even owning his own at one point. She’d seen her mother’s love for her children and her faith lead her to work at the church. But of course there was her own decision to make. What would she do with her sweet little life?

Without knowing what her future would hold, she followed in her father's footsteps and took a business approach. Then came motherhood, the need to earn a living, and discovering her dreams were suddenly the least of her priorities. Before she knew it, she was working in the corporate world fulfilling someone else's dreams. One day, she put her thoughts together and realized her ideas of working in a creative and inspired industry weren't out of reach, just a short and sweet stretch away.

While she appreciated everything she learned and all the sweet new friends that she met, she knew the corporate world was not the one for her. She always knew that she was meant to live out her more creative and inventive imagination. With these sweet words beginning to overpower her every day thoughts, she could no longer deny them. She enrolled in school again, this time gearing up to finally take charge of her destiny.

She researched, she learned, she laughed, she loved. She found her true interests and belonging. On March 13, 2015 she opened the “door” to her online boutique, and on November 1, 2016 she opened the first Sweetest Stitch brick and mortar location.

The end. (But really it’s the sweetest beginning!)

If you enjoy shopping online and can appreciate supporting a small, woman-owned business, we would love to serve you and your "reason."