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Trendy Accessories To Wear This Spring & Summer 2023

You've been waiting all winter long to unveil your Spring wardrobe, but no look is complete without these must have Spring accessories. From jewelry to handbags, sun hats and bandanas, we've got exactly what you'll need to be Spring ready from head to toe!

1. Jewelry

It's a tale as old as time that jewelry is a gals best friend. That's because jewelry can add just the right amount of shine needed to complete any look. After styling your outfit, consider what you need to complete it. A general rule is to go for something simple (not necessarily small) when you're wearing a more complex and interesting outfit. However, if you're the opposite and feel like you're stylishly simple look may be too "basic", reach for a fun pair of earrings to give the look the perfect balance. Whether you're a lover of chunky earrings, dainty hoops, or all out jewelry, you can't go wrong.

2. Bandana

bandana accessories for the spring and summer
Not only is a bandana the perfect addition to elevate any look, but it offers so much versatility to your wardrobe. You can choose to wear it in your hair numerous ways (the internet is your best friend for the "how-tos"), tie it around your neck, hats, and even handbags! The opportunity to style is endless with bandanas which is why we've labeled this accessory as a must have for the Spring and Summer season!

3. Sun Hats

Sun hat to wear in the Spring and Summer
Good or bad hair days, hats are going to be your next fav accessory this season. With so many styles to choose from, it's easy to want to get them all, and we think you should! Not only are they extremely cute with any look, but they are also practical because they offer some shade when the days start to get sunny. 

4. Hand Bags

Spring handbags
Handbags are a must have any time of the year because of how perfectly they contribute to a look and of course act as a travel bag for all your daily necessities. A trendy handbag thats been making its way into the spot light this upcoming Spring and Summer season are woven style bags. Two popular ones we've been loving are the tote style woven bag and the clutch woven style bag that converts to a crossbody bag.